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" Frequently asked questions "


What time will my movers arrive?

  • You should receive a call a few days ahead of time to confirm the move. Also, the day of the move the drivers will call you before they leave for your location.

Will my movers arrive on a guranteed time frame?

As much as we would love to give our customers a guranteed time of arrival we are unable to do so. We book morning moves and then we book afternoon moves of ESTIMATED arrival times, we can only go off of what our customers tell us we are moving and we trust that they are being honest and truthful as to what we are actually moving and we book according to what we are told.

Can I leave clothing in my dressers?

    • Firehouse Movers will move your dressers with the drawers in them. The only items that may be left in a drawer is something made of cloth. Pressboard and other inexpensive furniture pieces must be completely empty to be transported safely. Please remove all jewelry, perfume, and non-clothing items.

Do you do packing?

  • Yes, our full trained packing staff is ready to help you with any size move or pack.

How big are your trucks?

  • We offer 32 ft. Trailers

Do I have to empty my freezer or refrigerator?

  • Yes, the freezer and refrigerator must be completely empty so no items get broken or inside of appliance stays in working condition.
Is there an extra charge to make multiple stops or multiple levels?
  • No, we charge by the hour to do as much or as little as you need.

Do you charge tax?

  • No. It is the hourly rate plus the one time trip charge fee.

Do I get charged a trip charge if my move takes more than one trip?

  • No. It is a one time flat fee on the end of the bill.

How much does your trailers hold?

  • It typically holds between 1500-1800 sq ft of furniture, depending on how big and bulky your furniture is. It will also usually hold a 10 x 20 storage unit.

What does your insurance cover?

  • It covers .60 per pound per article which is liability, not full coverage. However, we do offer additional insurance that can be purchased.

Is there a difference in your hourly rate if your just loading or unloading a truck, p.o.d., or storage unit?

  • No. The hourly rate is he same for all moving labor.


Last Updated on Wednesday, 21 September 2011